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‘Tommy Robinson’ versus the BBC

BBC BNP spy listening to Jean Marie le Pen
BBC BNP spy Jason Gwynne (seated on far-right of picture wearing bow tie facing camera) listening to Jean Marie Le Pen

Later this month, the BBC Panorama current affairs TV programme is planning to broadcast an ‘expose’ of the former English Defence League leader, ‘Tommy Robinson’.

Working with the fake left ‘anti-fascist’ campaign group, Hope not Hate, the BBC bosses hoped this would be an easy hit piece on a grassroots working class political leader. However, ‘Tommy Robinson’ and his counter-jihad network seem to have turned the tables on them, judging by ‘undercover’ recordings they have made of the programme’s makers.

‘Tommy Robinson’, in the footage released so far, accuses them of prejudice towards the white working class, who make up the bulk of the BBC’s audience and help fund, via the licence fee, not only their programmes, but their lucrative pay packets as well. In the first piece of footage released, he confronts the BBC reporter John Sweeney, an unpredictable character who has been caught off guard previously, using some unfortunate expressions to describe the white working class.

The BBC has a track record of working with fake left ‘anti-fascists’, such as the state/Soros-funded Hope not Hate, over the years. And it usually ends very badly.

In 1984, using dodgy information from fake left ‘anti-fascists’, the BBC broadcast a Panorama documentary on so-called ‘right-wing extremists’ infiltrating the Tory party entitled ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendency‘. The end result was a substantial legal bill after a Tory MP took the BBC to court.

Another BBC ‘expose’ made with the assistance of fake left ‘anti-fascists’ was broadcast in 2004. It entailed the BBC, with the help of existing ‘anti-fascist’ assets, infiltrating a legal political party and was called (surprise, surprise) ‘The Secret Agent’. The BBC ‘secret agent’ was called Jason Gwynne (who quickly disappeared down a BBC rabbit hole, but recently resurfaced producing programmes for Al Jazeera) who joined the BNP and became active in Bradford, a Yorkshire city still riven with racial, ethnic and religious strife thanks to decades of mass immigration and multiculturalism. The end result of the BBC’s collaboration with the fake left ‘anti-fascists’ was an expensive show trial of two prominent BNP leaders, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett, which resulted in the acquittal of them both after two attempts at jailing them at Leeds Crown Court.

‘Tommy Robinson’ has called for a demonstration outside the BBC’s offices in Salford, near Manchester, on Saturday, the 23rd of February, where a counter documentary to the BBC’s Panorama expected hatchet job will be shown on a big screen to the crowd. No doubt, in the couple of weeks before the protest against the BBC, more undercover footage will be released exposing the dubious working methods and beliefs of those behind the programme, including Hope not Hate.

With any luck, putting to one side any partisan stance towards ‘Tommy Robinson’ and his counter-jihad network, genuine left-wing activists will take note of Hope not Hate’s latest collaboration with the BBC and act accordingly towards the touts in their midst.

Hope not Hate’s director of (sic) intelligence Matthew Collins: LARPing for the bosses?