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Dead white men still rule OK!

Race still matters!

The independent regulator for higher education in England, the Office for Students (OfS), has backed calls for more diversity in university reading lists in order to end the domination of “white western values and beliefs” and help “decolonise the curriculum” at English universities.

It is the first official recognition of far-left campaigns such as “Rhodes must fall” and “Why is my curriculum white?”, along with ideologically driven demands by non-white students and academics to move away from the study of “dead white men” as wider society across England continues to change demographically, thanks to mass immigration and multiculturalism, whether the native population likes it or not.

And the campaign has received further backing from the mixed race Duchess of Sussex (aka the American-born Meghan Markle) who reportedly said “Oh, my God” when she was shown a sheet of data at a recent event showing that UK professors were still overwhelmingly white men (presumably still alive!)

New guidance on the OfS website calls for strategies “to decolonise the curriculum” by addressing “how the values, norms, thinking, beliefs and practices that frame the curriculum perpetuate white westernised hegemony and position anything non-European and not white as inferior”.

Apparently, many universities in England are now changing their courses with black, female and ‘LGBT’ authors being added to reading lists, papers on ‘whiteness’ being included in exams, and academics (those stubborn white male ones still alive presumably) being trained to overcome any unconscious bias.

At Oxford, students are being urged to study black figures such as the Black Power advocate Steve Biko and the Jamaican ‘poet’ Linton Kwesi Johnson for an undergraduate history degree that has moved away from British and European history to concentrate on “global history” instead.

Of course, all of this is part of the ongoing process of preparing England and the English, particularly the next generation, for the eventual ethnic and cultural demolition of their country and its takeover by the surplus population of the African and Asian sub-continents.

Bizarrely, most of the ideology behind this move is led by the acolytes of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky (“dead white males” who will always find a place on any university reading list) and resisted by the followers of Sir Oswald Mosley and Benito Mussolini (if you believe the rhetoric of the fake left ‘anti-fascists’ anyway!)

Regardless of the motives behind this racial and ethnic self-abasement, that it manages to find support in the office of the independent regulator for higher education in England should be a matter of concern to all those worried about the future of England and the English.

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