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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye?

A Muslim teenager who travelled from her home in Bethnal Green, East London, in 2015 to join Islamic State in Syria has seen her UK citizenship revoked by the British Government.

Islamic State teenage bride Shamima Begum

Although born in the UK, her family is from Bangladesh and the British Government is arguing she should seek to move to that country instead of returning to the UK, presumably with the rest of her family if they want to be reunited with her in the future. She is currently being held in a Kurdish-run ‘refugee’ camp in Syria and has been making repeated pleas to return to the UK, via the liberal media, despite showing no remorse for her actions.

She left England with two friends when she was fifteen and has since given birth to three children, fathered by an Islamic State fighter, who has Dutch citizenship. Two of the children have since died and the surviving baby could be accepted as a Dutch citizen, assuming the Dutch government wants to make itself even more unpopular at home as well.

Assuming any legal challenge is fended off (which could take a couple of years to work its way through the courts) and the decision of the Pakistani Home Secretary Sajid Javid isn’t some kind of grandstanding stunt to please public opinion, then a precedent could easily be set which removes the right to UK citizenship of any second-generation immigrant whose family settled in the UK from overseas, but was born in that country, because of their real or imagined behaviour afterwards.

No doubt when Shamima Begum and her two friends travelled to Syria to join Islamic State, they were de facto pledging allegiance to that nascent Islamic State, which was fighting to redraw borders across the Middle East following the misguided Western ‘regime change’ efforts in that region.

Now, Islamic State is on the verge of military defeat with almost all of its territory in Syria taken back by the military forces of the legitimate Syrian leader Bashar al Assad, backed by the Russians and Iranians, or his Kurdish and Arab insurgent rivals, backed by the United States.

Despite the tough talking by the British Government about Shamima Begum, over 400 former Islamic State fighters have already been allowed to return to the UK recently. When the British Government gets around to removing those people from the country, those concerned about the rise of militant Islam across Europe will take them seriously.

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