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DIY spoof counter-jihad sticker campaign comes unstuck

Spoof ‘Pokemon’ DIY counter-jihad sticker campaign silenced!

‘Pokemon’ Sadiq Khan

In November 2016, a counter-jihad sticker campaign using DIY spoof ‘pokemon’ designs was launched in London by an anonymous group of activists.

The stickers included an image of the Muslim London mayor Sadiq Khan saying it was worth a maximum “200 terror points”. Other sticker designs included the pro-Islamic State UK-based preacher Anjem Choudary; the former US President Barack Obama; so-called ‘Jihadi John’, an Islamic State executioner in the Middle East; a white Muslim convert and a purported ‘moderate’ Muslim.

‘Pokemon’ Anjem Choudary

One sticker had the slogan “gotta catch and deport them all”, a reference to the ‘Pokemon Go’ reality game where players have to find and collect various cartoon characters and collect points as a result.

‘Pokemon’ Muslim convert

A company director, Neil Froggatt, 48, has admitted posting the stickers in various places on the London Underground as he went about his daily business. He was found guilty of ‘possessing stickers with intent to destroy property’ and ‘racially and religiously aggravated criminal damage’ at Blackfriars Crown Court in London this week.

‘Pokemon’ moderate Muslim

In 2016/17, there were reports of similar stickers appearing all over London’s transport system. A website had been created to promote the stickers (which we reproduce in the interests of freedom of information and free speech) and recruits were openly being sought to distribute them across the country.

Mr Froggatt will be sentenced next month and Judge Ian Darling said: “There is clearly going to have to be reports. All options are open,” including a jail sentence.

Civil Liberty applauds Mr Froggatt’s initiative in spreading the word about the threat posed by militant Islam and its appeasers. However, despite the use of draconian laws to silence him, defacing public property is not to be condoned.

The images themselves are neither hateful nor offensive, but humorous and satirical, It is deplorable that a judicial sledgehammer will be used to crack down on such dissent,

How can anyone object to an Englishman in his own country drawing attention to the increasing threat posed to our very way of life by the growth of militant Islam, thanks to mass immigration and multiculturalism?

‘Pokemon’ Jihadi John