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Surfing the ‘Tommy Robinson’ wave

‘Tommy Robinson’ attacks BBC fake news

Some people are a bit sniffy about supporting ‘Tommy Robinson’ protests. They object for reasons of ideology (he’s a ‘civic nationalist, apparently) or because he is fixated on Muslims and militant Islam (they should support Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party instead then!)

Others are sniffy about his working class origins and previous brushes with the law (he’s a former BNP member, and ex-leader of the English Defence League, so what else do they expect?)

However, more savvy groups and individuals know are good thing when they see one and are happy to surf the ‘Tommy Robinson’ wave while it lasts!

And despite his obvious flaws, ‘Tommy Robinson’ is a genuine white working class hero, who can mobilise thousands of white working class people to his cause, as the current UKIP leader Gerard Batten has recognised, much to the chagrin of the liberal establishment and their proxy media. The UKIP leader has made him an official advisor to the party and it seems likely he will become a member in due course, despite his BNP/EDL past.

Groups outside the ‘civic nationalist’ fold supporting ‘Tommy Robinson include Generation Identity, whose young activists regularly attend his events and make a bold statement with their distinctive flags.

Generation Identity at Salford anti-BBC protest: a nationalist youth group worth supporting

As a result of this growing support and influence, the BBC and their fake left ‘anti-fascist’ friends in the pro-Labour Hope not Hate campaign group are preparing to broadcast an expose of ‘Tommy Robinson’, although the exact date of broadcast has been moved, apparently.

And at a protest next to the BBC HQ in Salford, the reason for that delay was broadcast on a big screen, much to the amusement of the assembled crowd. Following the revelations acquired by an undercover double agent, the BBC has issued an apology, whilst Hope not Hate are preparing a writ against ‘Tommy Robinson’, apparently.

The BBC said: “Some of the footage which has been released was recorded without our knowledge during this investigation and John Sweeney made some offensive and inappropriate remarks for which he apologises.”

Generation Identity at anti-BBC protest in Salford, England.

The Sunday Times reported: “Tommy Robinson has been accused of trying to intimidate the media after organising a protest rally of about 4,000 people outside the BBC’s headquarters in Salford yesterday. The far-right activist is the subject of an upcoming episode of Panorama.”

One nil to ‘Tommy Robinson’ then!

Generation Identity flying the flag and making friends and influencing people in Salford yesterday.