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Generation Agora

Hill of Tara
Hill of Tara

Generation Identity UK and Ireland have launched a new video podcast called the Agora. Each episode will be led by GI UK leader Ben Jones and will feature leading activists from the Generation Identity youth movement joining as guests.

The term Agora refers to a “gathering place” or “assembly”. The Agora was the centre of the athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city in Ancient Greece, a place where people could come and discuss and debate with one another.

Similar historic meeting places exist across the British isles, some more formal, such as the Hill of Tara in Ireland (pictured above) than others, such as John Ball Hill in Leicestershire, England.

In the age of social media, the Agora is now everywhere you can manage to sustain a channel, account or profile.

You can now watch the first episode of Generation identity’s Agora, where they discuss the origins and ambition of this dynamic new youth movement.