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UK Multiculti stabfest spreads to Birmingham

West Midlands Police have lost control

In the last two weeks, three non-white youths have been stabbed to death in Birmingham, England.

Three Muslim teenagers, Hazrat Umar, Abdullah Muhammad and Sidali Mohamed, were named as the victims. The killings are thought to be related to inter-ethnic turfs wars in the city. Another teenager was stabbed subsequently, though his origins remain unknown. Two older men have also been stabbed, one fatally, though that murder is unrelated to the current wave of street stabbings.

There are also tensions in the city between the large Afro-Caribbean population and the Pakistani Muslim community which has sparked serious violence in the past.

In response, West Midlands Police have invoked Section 60 powers which means they can stop and search people “without reasonable grounds” in a designated area. Although time limited, it is expected the powers will be invoked again if the stabbings continue.

So far this year in Birmingham alone, there have been 269 reported knife crimes in the city.

While in 2018, there were 19 stabbing fatalities in the West Midlands police area, much lower than London where there have already been 12 fatal stabbings this year.

Chief Constable David Thompson said: “Immediate and intensive action is needed to prevent this current crisis from continuing. My officers have been given extensive powers to search people without the need to suspect they are carrying weapons. I recognise this will upset some innocent young people, but I fear the carriage of weapons in the current circumstances is growing, often through fear, and we can take no chances.”

West Midlands Police is known for its cringeworthy politically correct attitudes (as well as internal corruption) so it remains to be seen whether a lid will be put on this latest outbreak of multiculti madness.

Policing a Rainbow Nation?