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Taking Back Control?

Overcrowded Britain!

When the British people voted for Brexit in 2016, the main dynamic behind that decision was immigration control (or the lack of it, due to EU open borders.)

Although the UK is yet to leave the EU (assuming the current Brexit plan isn’t derailed) it will formally leave the EU institutions at the the end of this month (with or without a withdrawal deal) although the actual implementation period will last a while longer.

So the British government has had nearly three years to get a grip of immigration control, particularly from outside the EU, until further controls are applied to immigration from within the EU during the implementation period.

The latest immigration figures prove that they have failed miserably.

Apparently, migration from outside the EU hit its highest level in nearly fifteen years. as migration from within the EU dropped due to economic and political uncertainty around Brexit.

More than a quarter of a million more non-EU citizens came to the country than left in the year ending September 2018, the highest number since 2004, when Labour were in government, and nearly three times the Tory government’s much-vaunted 100,000 net immigration target.

Meanwhile, EU net migration almost halved year-on-year to 57,000. And the numbers from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia show 15,000 more people left Britain than arrived.

The new figures show migration from across Asia, including China and India, rose by around 40,000 to 185,000.

Moreover, asylum applications rose to their highest level for three years in the last quarter of 2018. Over the whole period, there were 29,380 requests from “main applicants”, not including their spouses and children, which would push the total number much higher, an overall increase of 11% on the previous twelve months. The UK Home Office said there had been a “particularly notable” rise in applications from Iranians, who make up the majority of migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats.

While the liberal media have fixated on the so-called ‘Windrush scandal’ involving the deportation of hundreds of West Indian illegal immigrants, the Home Office has opened the door to hundreds of thousands of Third World migrants, mainly due to economic expediency and political cowardice.

Despite the fighting talk about immigration control over the years, particularly since the 2016 Brexit vote, successive Tory Home Secretaries, including the current UK Prime Minister Theresa May, her hapless successor Amber Rudd, and the current Pakistani occupant Sajid Javid have proved themselves to be even worse than their Labour predecessors.

All three are guilty of betraying the British people as a result.

And the hyperbole pushed repeatedly over the last couple of years by pro-EU activists about the consequences of Brexit have so far proved to be utter nonsense!