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No free speech

No Pasaran means no free speech

A conference in London advocating restrictions on free speech, attended by the Labour MP Diane Abbott, a very close ally of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, heard threats made against political rivals, including pro-Brexit Tory MPs.

The conference was organised by a pro-Corbyn faction of the far-left which is holding an ‘anti-racism’ march and public rally later this month in London.

The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, backed Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘anti-racist’ credentials as a much hyped ‘anti-semitic’ row engulfed the party once again.

No Pasaran speakers, including Labour MP, Diane Abbott.

Other speakers included pro-Muslim activists and far-left candidates still outside the Labour party. There were also contingents from Germany, France and Spain.

The slogan ‘No Pasaran’ is the Spanish version of an old French military motto; “They shall not pass!” It was made popular among the far-left by a pro-Stalin communist politician during the Spanish Civil War.

Free Speech for some, but not for others!

‘Stand Up To Racism’ is a front group of the trotskyite communist Socialist Workers’ Party, but is backed by the pro-Corbyn faction of the Labour Party, hence Diane Abbott’s attendance. The pro-Blair right-wing of the Labour Party tends to support Hope not Hate, which is currently embroiled in a row over its collaboration with the BBC amid a postponed hatchet job on the former English Defence League leader ‘Tommy Robinson’.

Both of them are distinct from the street-based Antifa cadres though all of them are vehemently opposed to free speech on issues concerning militant Islam, mass immigration and multiculturalism.

The middle class ‘vanguard of the proletariat’ at the No Pasaran conference in London