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Generation Campus

Generation Campus

Being an active nationalist at college and university can be a fraught business.

Usually, politics on campus is dominated by the fake and far-left and when the so-called ‘conservatives’ do organise, they tend to be so tepid and bourgeois, you might as well lump them in with the fake and far-left.

When I was a student at Newcastle University during the late eighties/early nineties, my student contemporaries were (no laughing at the back!) Tim Farron and Kit Malthouse. And the trotskyite communist Socialist Workers’ Party hawked their newspaper every lunch time outside the main building whilst the Revolutionary Communist Party (now trading as Spiked) sold their glossy periodicals door-to-door also looking for recruits.

Despite the 1986 Education Act protecting free speech and preventing political discrimination on campus, nationalist students over the years have faced attempts to drive them from universities and colleges by the far-left (sometimes aided and abetted by the fake left, while the so-called ‘conservatives’ looked on and remained tight-lipped!)

However, a new youth movement aims to provide a home to the growing number of students on campus concerned about militant Islam, mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Generation Identity has already made a name for itself with its eye-catching publicity stunts, banner drops and flag displays at street protests.

Now it intends to recruit the next generation of nationalist activists to its ranks, provide ideological training, solidarity and support, all in order to save and secure a political and demographic future in our very own homelands.

All power to Generation Identity!

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