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Collapsed Muslim grooming trial confirms Northumbria Police’s institutional incompetence

Justice For Woman and Children denied by Northumbria Police!

Police blunders have cost taxpayers huge amounts of money and denied justice to women and children once again after a four year investigation into a group of Muslim men accused of trafficking, grooming and raping young girls, one of them aged 12, collapsed in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the north east of England, this week.

Despite recent convictions, Northumbria Police have a lamentable record in dealing with Muslim grooming and sexual abuse in the Tyne and Wear area. In the past, they have used a convicted Muslim child rapist to infiltrate one group whilst failing to investigate many others suspected of involvement.

This latest legal farce involved one woman and thirteen men accused of serious sexual offences against three young girls in Newcastle upon Tyne between 2010 and 2014.

The new investigation came about as a result of the much-vaunted ‘Operation Sanctuary’ which resulted in seventeen Muslim men and one woman being jailed in 2017 for sexual abuse and exploitation of girls and young women in Newcastle.

As a result of the collapsed trial, a Crown Prosecution Service statement declared: “During the course of the trial, it emerged that some of the evidence in these cases had not been secured in accordance with the strict guidelines governing police investigations. Given the significance of the issues that came to light, there was no longer a realistic prospect of securing a conviction in each case and the Crown took the appropriate decision to formally offer no evidence against the defendants.”

Heads should roll!