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Tory snowflakes under pressure from Muslim fifth column

Spot the difference!

Just as the Labour party is facing pressure from hyped up claims of ‘anti-semitism’ within the party, the Tory party is crumbling from a similar hyped up ‘Islamophobia’ row.

Already fourteen Tory activists have been suspended or expelled by the Tory party with more in the firing line, including elected councillors.

And just like his Labour equivalents, the chairman of the Conservative party, Brandon Lewis, has been accused of ignoring repeated pleas by certain Tory members and the liberal media to investigate alleged “racist and Islamophobic” incidents, mainly comments left on social media.

Leading the charge is the so-called ‘Baroness’ and failed Tory candidate Sayeeda Warsi (pictured directly above with another failed politician, the former Labour leader, Ed Miliband, who happens to be Jewish) who has previously found herself at loggerheads with the Tory leadership. She claims the party has “a deep-seated problem of anti-Muslim comments, Islamophobic comments, racist comments.”

How odd that two seemingly ‘oppressed’ ethnic minorities living in the UK should have so much power to create two similar scandals both currently rocking the two main political parties at the highest level.

It certainly makes you wonder how much of modern politics is stage-managed to fit certain ethno-religious agendas.

And how distant those machinations are from the concerns of everyday folk who have suffered from uncontrolled mass immigration and state-sponsored multiculturalism for decades, both largely engineered by the two main political parties.

Theresa May with Community Security Trust bigshots