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“Racist cars off our streets”

New slogan on the way!

Recent research has suggested that self-driving cars have been branded ‘racist’ because they are more likely to hit black people. A flaw in the software means the vehicles are seemingly better at seeing pedestrians with lighter skin tones.

Our friends at Trad News recently highlighted this trend and came up with some helpful solutions to the problem: “The latest example of the “inherent racism” of tech are the AI systems now being developed for driverless cars. Soon these will be everywhere, putting millions out of work, but also posing a threat to innocent pedestrians.”

“One possible solution could be to require all-dark-skinned people to wear special, bright clothing that would make it easier for automated vehicles to identify and locate them.”

Apparently, researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States say the cars are more likely to hit and kill black and dark-skinned people despite having detection sensors and cameras.

And as the West (where most of these cars will be initially sold) becomes ever more darker, thanks to mass immigration and state-sponsored multiculturalism, this could prove a major problem. While the TV commercials and adverts needed to market such vehicles for the big multinational companies selling them will surely test even the most pro-miscegenation advertising and PR company.

Seemingly, the researchers started looking into the matter after noticing higher error recognition rates for certain ethnic minorities, while tests on image recognition systems found their accuracy was 5% worse for people with darker skin.

The scientists said: ” We hope this provides compelling evidence of the problem that may arise if this is not considered before deploying these sort of recognition models.”

While another expert said: “Pedestrian deaths by self-driving cars are already here – but they’re not evenly distributed.”

When will the first snowflake ‘anti-racist’ protest take place against these new self-driving cars?