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British policeman sacked for being a patriot

PC Marcus Tyson sacked for being a patriot

Marcus Tyson, who had been a serving police officer for almost thirty years, has been sacked after an altercation with pro-Kurdish demonstrators in London in August, 2016.

During an angry exchange with aggressive protesters he said to the organiser of the march: “You don’t tell me what to do in my country. It’s my country.” Those comments were captured on video which the Kurdish group behind the march in London sent to his bosses. They also made other unsubstantiated claims repeated at his tribunal, which the officer denied.

PC Marcus Tyson shouts at the foreign marchers during an angry exchange

Initially, he was placed on restricted duties after footage of the altercation was sent to his bosses. He later told a Sunday newspaper that the action of his bosses at the Met were akin to “Stalinist thought police”. And he also accused his superiors of “oppressive political correctness” and claimed that many of his colleagues were “afraid to do their jobs properly” as a result. His words were later used against him at the Met disciplinary tribunal which sacked him this week for gross misconduct.

PC Marcus Tyson hounded by pro-Kurdish protesters in London 2016

In a snivelling statement issued to appease the Muslim Kurd interlopers, the Met said after his sacking: “A public misconduct hearing found PC Marcus Tyson, based at Westminster, had breached standards of professional behaviour in respect of authority, respect and courtesy, equality and diversity.”

Compare and contrast the behaviour of younger officers, some of them multi-ethnic, towards British patriots and nationalists at a recent demonstration in London and you will conclude that PC Tyson is another victim of the Met’s endemic institutionalised political correctness.

Kurdish interlopers in England claim victory!