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Fake left contradictions exposed

By Ralph Musgrave

Over the years, I have read hundreds of articles in left of centre publications and websites which attribute ‘hate’ to opponents of mass immigration.

Now you would think that if you are going to attribute ‘hate’ to someone, good manners and common decency dictate that you should give some sort of explanation to justify the insult.

Strangely, I have never ever seen so much as the beginnings of an attempt to justify the ‘hate’ slur. After all, the motive for wanting better immigration controls is love of one’s own country, culture, identity and way of life. Consequently, you would think a decent explanation for attributing ‘hate’ to all and sundry, particularly anti-immigration patriots and nationalists, is certainly warranted.

Having said that, what is absolutely hilarious about the political left’s apparent desire to see Western civilisation diluted or destroyed by mass immigration and multiculturalism is their support of non-Westerners who want to protect and preserve their culture. As a result, the political left tends to support attempts by Kurds and Tibetans to uphold their identity and culture against outsiders or foreign powers.

Indeed, at the last Durham Miners’ Gala in the north east of England (which is not just a left event, but arguably a far-left one) there were large yellow balloons paraded backing the Kurdish ethno-nationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan.

But if you were to ask one of those homegrown leftists cheering on Kurdish ethno-nationalism, whilst condemning ethno-nationalism advocated by white Europeans, you would struggle to get any sort of explanation because your average leftist is totally incapable of explaining away that apparent self-contradiction.