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Generation Identity establish multicult Ministry of Truth

George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth lives!

Generation Identity activists in London posed as civil servants from the Ministry of Integration and Diversity (aka Ministry of Truth) at the weekend helping to educate the public about the problem of Islamic extremism in the UK.

Over 400 Islamic State fighters have returned to the UK so far from the Middle East. Despite the headline grabbing ban on three teenage ISIS brides returning to the country, tens of thousands of Muslim extremists have been identified as already living in the UK providing a substantial pool of support for future Islamic terrorism.

The Generation Identity publicity stunt made clear the real threat of terrorism in the UK exists because of mass immigration and state-sponsored multiculturalism over the decades. No amount of liberal hysteria and fake news over the ‘far-right threat’ will change that reality.

Predictably, the fake news specialists at the BBC attempted to link Generation Identity with last week’s two mosque shootings in New Zealand. While the fake left ‘anti-fascist’ Hope not Hate (hand job) front group implied that anyone who posts robust views on the internet about mass immigration and militant Islam is a potential ‘terrorist’.

Thankfully, Generation Identity’s eye-catching publicity stunts continue to drive home the message that mass immigration and multiculturalism have failed and both should be stopped and reversed immediately.

Spoof ‘Ministry of Integration & Diversity’ information board