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Europe is still on terror tenterhooks

Europe awaits next big terror attack!

“A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism” wrote Karl Marx in 1848 at the beginning of his revolutionary tract ‘The Communist Manifesto’. Only at the start of 2019, it is not communism that is haunting Europe, but Islamist terrorism.

And following the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier this month, a big revenge attack is now expected by Islamist terrorists. As a result, tit-for-tat revenge attacks could easily become the new normal as community relations continue to deteriorate, particularly in Western Europe, where most of the resident Muslim immigrant population in Europe lives.

A shooting in Utrecht by a Turkish-born Muslim living in Holland sparked fears that this could be the start of the revenge attacks. Despite three fatalities, the terrorist suspect was quickly apprehended by police before he could do further damage.

Back in 2016, following a spate of Islamist attacks, particularly in France and Germany, Europe was on tenterhooks for further big attacks.

What makes 2019 different is not only the mosque shootings in New Zealand, which has exacerbated ethno-religious tensions in many parts of the world, but the apparent territorial defeat of Islamic State in the Middle East.

And just to prove the increasing tension across parts of Europe, at the weekend, faulty machinery at Disneyland Paris which made loud bangs similar to gun shots and explosions sparked a major panic at the theme park leading to the temporary evacuation of the park by the authorities.

Of course, the increasing multicultural nature of Europe, thanks to mass immigration and state-sponsored multiculturalism, has made all of this inevitable. The domestic tension is compounded by the misguided military intervention by the Western Powers, led by the United States, in various parts of the Muslim world recently, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

Forthcoming EU elections (with or without the UK) will illustrate how much the nativist backlash to this intolerable situation created by out of touch political and business elites translates into votes. Radical nationalist anti-immigration parties are expected to make major gains across Europe as a consequence of EU open borders.

Boatload of African men heading to Europe
Boatload of African men heading to Europe