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LGBT sex education could end multiculturalism

Birmingham Muslim anti-LGBT sex education protest 2019

Although British MPs can’t agree on anything to do with Brexit, they are very keen on LGBT sex education for British youngsters.

On March 27th, a very large majority voted in favour of the Tory government’s pro-homosexual sex education policy. The proposal saw 538 MPs voting in favour with only 21 against the plan.

As a result, all primary school pupils will receive relationship education, which will include discussion of LGBT relationships, whilst secondary school students will also learn about LGBT relationships and receive the corresponding sex education as well. These compulsory lessons are due to start from September 2020.

The parliamentary vote comes as schools in Birmingham have had to drop similar lessons after Muslim parents protested.

Similar complaints have been made in Manchester, another area with a large Muslim population.

While Orthodox Jewish schools on Tyneside have been told by government regulators that sex education is to made compulsory, much to their anger and consternation.

Traditionally-minded native Brits, particularly from faith-backed schools, are also expected to add to the volume of complaints against these new proposals meaning the liberal Westminster elite’s LGBT sex education plans could be in tatters well before they are formally rolled out next year.

Will state-sponsored ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism hit the buffers as a result?

Westminster diversity
Westminster sexual ‘diversity’ under threat