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Shutting Down the Cage-Rattlers

Tommy Robinson London
Tommy Robinson shut down!

YouTube has placed restrictions on the social media channel of counter-jihad activist ‘Tommy Robinson’, but stopped short of a ban following a campaign by politicians and fake left ‘anti-fascist’ groups.

The Google-owned platform said that although the former English Defence League leader’s videos are not illegal, it will flag content warnings and he will be blocked from live streaming.

His channel will still exist but you will only get to the videos via a direct link. YouTube will also no longer recommend any of his videos, effectively ‘shadow banning’ him from the wider public, despite hundreds of thousands of subscribers following the channel.

It comes as YouTube faced calls led by the idiotic Labour MP Tom Watson to follow Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in shutting ‘Tommy Robinson’ down altogether online.

He still faces further legal action following his kangaroo contempt of court jailing last year although (like everything else in British politics) that has also been delayed (until after May the 3rd, apparently.) As a result, the tainted BBC Panorama documentary about him has been postponed indefinitely following the decision of the Attorney General to take him back to court.

The British State seems determined to lock him up, while Big Tech seems determined to shut him down online.

The only option left available to him would be to openly embrace party politics which is much more difficult to ban in modern multicultural Britain.

His recent appointment as an adviser to the current UKIP leader Gerard Batten seems to point in that direction with ‘Tommy Robinson’ himself saying he would like to contest a parliamentary seat in the north of England at the next general election.

Until further notice, you can still watch his videos via the direct YouTube link below.