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The Fall of Europe?

Europe has fallen?

A devastating fire has wrecked the iconic Notre Dame de Paris causing extensive damage to the building and toppled the wooden spire.

The 850-year old building is not only a symbol of Christianity in France, but European civilisation itself containing numerous works of art and venerated religious artefacts. Its distinctive ethno-religious style of architecture inspired equivalent religious building across Europe and the rest of Christendom from the twelfth century onwards.

Apparently, the fire is being treated as an accident, the tragic result of a renovation gone wrong, rather than arson, despite a spate of church burnings across France.

The Catholic church, French government and various benefactors have pledged to rebuild the cathedral

However, France does not contain trees large enough to rebuild the medieval roof which was totally destroyed in the fire.

The fire can be viewed as a tragic accident equivalent to the fire that destroyed part of York Minster in 1984 (the narrative of the liberal media) or seen as illustrative of a wider social and demographic malaise that indicates the fall of Europe itself.

Notre Dame de Paris, April 15, 2019.

And the cathedral itself was the scene of a very public protest against that very malaise on the 21st of May 2013, when the French historian and nationalist activist Dominique Venner shot himself dead inside the building, ostensibly in protest at the legalisation of same-sex marriage in France.

Despite being a pagan, Venner said he chose Notre Dame as “a highly symbolic place that I respect and admire.”

He said his suicide was a rebellion “against pervasive individual desires that destroys the anchors of our identity, particularly the family, the intimate base of our multi-millennial society.”

More prophetically, he opposed “Afro-Maghreb immigration” which he predicted would lead to a “total replacement of the population of France, and of Europe.”

The symbolic fall of Notre Dame simply validates Dominique Venner’s supreme sacrifice.

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