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Social media purge gathers pace

Facebook has announced that twelve individuals and groups involved in the British political scene have been banned from all their platforms as the social media purge of dissident nationalist voices gathers pace.

The ban includes the British National Party and its former leader Nick Griffin. who until 2014 was an MEP for the north west of England. For some reason, the ban doesn’t include the current BNP leader Adam Walker, a former schoolteacher from County Durham, who until recently was active on Facebook.

Another legal UK political party banned from the platform is the National Front and its current leader Tony Martin.

Although both parties have achieved considerable support in the past, they are fielding only five candidates between them in the local council elections next month.

Also banned is Britain First (which has been banned before by Facebook despite having a massive following on the platform) and its leading figures Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen; the English Defence League and one of its founder members Paul Ray (former leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ was banned last month, despite his considerable following); Knights Templar International and the former BNP fundraiser Jim Dowson, who is behind that group and its various offshoots; and Jack Renshaw, a former associate of the proscribed ‘terrorist’ group National Action, who is currently in jail following various convictions.

The ban follows a pledge to crackdown on ‘white nationalism’ and ethnic separatism by Facebook following the two mosque shootings in New Zealand last month. And the former Liberal Democrat leader, and deputy UK prime minister, Nick Clegg, who was recently appointed to a leading role within Facebook itself, has been under increasing pressure from other anti-free speech British politicians to instigate a purge on the social media platform.

Meet Nick Clegg, the former ‘Liberal Democrat’ leader and UK deputy prime minister, now Facebook’s gagging supremo

Apparently, the ban will continue to apply even if one of the newly purged individuals run for or attains public office, though any such move could be tested in the courts if that happens. Moreover, anyone promoting these groups or individuals whether they are involved in elections or not could be banned from the platforms as well.

Who’s next?

For Britain, UKIP and the recently launched Brexit Party could all be in the firing line, though the latter two are probably too big and influential at the moment to be banned. While the public backlash that would ensue following any such move would cause major problems for Nick Clegg, a keen supporter of the EU and former MEP himself, and Facebook

No doubt the odious Nick Clegg has quietly informed Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief executive officer, about this eventuality and the damage any such extension of the purge would undoubtedly cause to Facebook’s image in the UK,

However, For Britain’s leader Anne Marie Waters has been closely associated with ‘Tommy Robinson’ in the past, while UKIP’s current leader Gerard Batten named him as one of his advisers recently. While the Brexit Party could easily disappear in a few months time if the UK doesn’t participate in next month’s EU elections. And should UKIP shrink to the size of the both the BNP and NF following an electoral setback or internal disruption, then who knows what might happen.

Our advice is to get an account on Gab, which unlike Facebook is fully committed to free speech.

You won’t be able to complain, once free speech has gone!