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England is for life – not just a day

Saint George for England

Did you remember to mark St George’s Day earlier this week?

For many years, England’s national day was an invisible day, while St Andrew (Scotland), St David (Wales) and St Patrick (Ireland) were widely celebrated, (even in England!)

Now, even Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants a bank holiday to held on St George’s Day after decades of ignoring or even denigrating England and Englishness by the Labour party and the wider fake left.

Even Big Tech got interested this year with Google marking the day, though some (albeit tongue-in-cheek!) commentators think the company’s famous main website page was hacked.

So why is everyone suddenly interested in St George, England and the English?

In the past, even when the England football team played, the Cross of St George was rarely seen, though that started to change as multiculturalism really started to bite in the nineties as Tony Blair opened the borders to mass immigration from the EU and successive governments failed to control further immigration from outside the EU.

As with uncontrolled mass immigration post-1948, most of those immigrants settled in England.

The changing face of England

Many commentators think that this rise in English national consciousness led directly to Brexit in 2016, albeit still to be completed by the UK’s hapless liberal politicians in Westminster.

And some people now insist on making English a civic consciousness, rather than an ethnic one, in order to excuse the damage done to the country by uncontrolled mass immigration and state-imposed multiculturalism.

Thankfully, many people can see through this misinformation and understand that being English is an ethnic identity and is for life, and not just a day.

Excellent ten minute video explaining exactly who the English are!