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UKIP and ‘Tommy Robinson’ split over EU elections

Despite ‘Tommy Robinson’ forging a close alliance with Gerard Batten, the current UKIP leader, who named him as an adviser recently, the former leader of the English Defence League is still not allowed to join UKIP because of his previous membership of the BNP.

As a result, despite his wish to stand for the party, ‘Tommy Robinson’ has been denied a place on UKIP’s list for the forthcoming EU elections.

No UKIP rosette for ‘Tommy Robinson’!

Instead, he has decided to stand for the self-styled ‘Tommy Robinson’ party and has a good chance of beating UKIP, who are slipping badly in the polls thanks to the rise of the Brexit party, a broad church alliance formed by UKIP’s former leader, Nigel Farage, explicitly to fight the EU elections.

‘Tommy Robinson’ and UKIP at loggerheads!

‘Tommy Robinson’ needs around 8/9% of the vote to grab the eighth seat for the north west of England, where he has decided to stand, which was previously held between 2009 and 2014 by Nick Griffin, the former leader of the BNP.

Thanks to this development, the anti-UKIP smear leaflets being used by the fake left ‘anti-fascist’ Hope not Hate campaign group to denounce UKIP’s local election campaign are now out of date.

Hope not Hate anti-UKIP campaigners spreading fake news!