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Shutting Up the Cage-Rattlers

Milkshake Muslim confronts ‘Tommy Robinson’

‘Tommy Robinson’ has taken to the streets as part of his campaign to become an MEP later this month (assuming the EU elections go ahead in the UK, of course) in the north west of England.

He is currently visiting the main towns and cities in the region and has had a favourable response in most places so far.

Sadly, a number of fake left ‘anti-fascist’ activists, with the support of aggressive Muslim youths, have decided to follow him around and start fights with him and his supporters.

Egged on (no pun intended) by.the liberal media, the middle class armchair far-left warriors have enjoyed the spectacle of baiting ‘Tommy Robinson’ whilst on the campaign trial. Bizarrely, even a tiresome Tory MP has supported this ongoing assault on his freedom of speech.

This is nothing new.

When the leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, was elected to represent the north west of England back in 2009, along with Andrew Brons, they were also attacked by those very same far-left elements, while the usual suspects in politics and the liberal media cheered on those attacks.

BNP MEPs attacked by fake left outside Westminster in 2009

Of course, many politicians have had things thrown at them over the years (from punches to flour) but it usually results in the culprits being arrested and prosecuted for assault.

Just recently, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had an egg thrown at him at an event in London and the egg thrower was quickly arrested and eventually sent to prison.

Twenty eight days in jail for throwing an egg at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

A message was sent that this would not be tolerated. And rightly so, regardless of what you think of the current Labour leader.

For some strange reason, as with the attack on the BNP MEPs, the police don’t seem to be taking the initial assaults on ‘Tommy Robinson’ seriously. In fact, some in the media are calling for his supporters to be arrested after the fake left ‘anti-fascists’ lost the fight they started and ended up in hospital.

As UKIP dip in the polls and the lead Brexit Party candidate in the region is embroiled in a scandal concerning her support for the IRA in the past, ‘Tommy Robinson’ could easily take advantage of that political turmoil and win substantial support from the disenfranchised (white) working class across that part of northern England.

But will he be allowed to do that or will they manage to shut him up for good?

Watch this fifteen minute video from the ‘Tommy Robinson’ campaign concerning events in Warrington last week and decide for yourself.