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The Lunatics have Taken Over

Cambridge colleges
…..the universities!

Two more academics have faced the wrath of those who seek to control academic and political debate in the UK.

Jordan Peterson, 56, who teaches psychology at Toronto University in Canada and is a best-selling author, has been sacked from taking a temporary post at Cambridge University’s divinity faculty later this year.

It followed the publication of a picture of him while on a lecture tour in New Zealand with a fan who was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “I’m a proud Islamophobe”, which led to student protests. As a result, the university decided to rescind the offer. Despite the snowflake protests and sacking, Mr Peterson has refused to back down: “He had a right to wear the damn T-shirt if he felt like wearing it. I’m a free-speech guy.”

He has also clashed with his own university back in Canada concerning their attempts to impose rules detailing how (gender-sensitive) students should be addressed. He has also accused universities of promoting political correctness leading to escalating attacks on freedom of speech and research on campus.

And that belief has been vindicated by the recent sacking of another academic by Cambridge University for investigating race and immigration, both subjects increasingly taboo on campus, following protests by students.

Taboo subject at UK universities

Noah Carl, 28, who describes himself as a “contrarian researcher interested in psychology, sociology and political science” was also accused of having links with the “far-right”.

After pressure from fake left and non-white students and academics over his appointment, the university authorities finally caved in and issued a cowardly statement following his sacking which said: “Diversity and inclusivity are fundamental values of the college.”

Unless, of course, you want to research and investigate subjects that might offend the fake left.

There has been understandable sympathy for the witch-hunted academic with a campaign to reinstate him underway by those who fear the witch-hunt could easily spread to others looking into ‘controversial’ subjects.

A petition has been launched calling for Noah Carl’s reinstatement

Even the Times newspaper weighed in with a thundering editorial on behalf of Dr Carl: “It is hard to see how this young academic can now forge a career….Mr Carl does not stand accused of writing anything unlawful or liable to incite hatred. His main offence seems to have been to challenge the “woke” left-wing orthodoxy now starting to grip British universities as it does many American ones.”

Whatever next?