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Bullyboys of the World unite!

You have plenty more victims to abuse!!

In an attempt to control the political narrative the fake and far-left are adept at bullying anyone who gets in their way.

Usually, it is political rivals or opponents who feel the full force of their insane bile. And the words used to dismiss those rivals in the past (racist/fascist/nazi) are now thrown around like confetti to describe anyone who gets in their way.

However, the politics of denunciation can work both ways.

Occasionally, their own faction fights illuminate how strange that twilight world can become as they turn on one another in order to become top dog.

ironically, the latest example of this toxic behaviour happened within an organisation established to prevent such witch hunts. As many already know, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has been on the receiving end of a sustained effort to paint it as ‘anti-semitic’ and even ‘racist’ orchestrated by political opponents at home and abroad.

As a result, a group was set up to counter such efforts and to provide support for those suspended or expelled from the Labour Party called Labour Against the Witchhunts (LAW). Over the last couple of years LAW have organised protests in support of the individuals involved. And they have attempted to counter the machinations of those within the Labour Party who have provided cover to the external efforts to destabilise labour’s leadership and ultimately topple Jeremy Corbyn.

Now LAW is engaged in its very own witch hunts and recently threw out a number of people who delved too far into the murky world of contemporary power politics.

One of those expelled merely linked to an article published on a website that takes a revisionist look at certain events that happened during World War Two.

That was enough to cause his expulsion and if you have any spare time (about a fortnight should do!) you can read this far-left article concerning those particular machinations within LAW itself.

And in another bizarre political development recently, the chief Westminster bullyboy John Bercow (a former supporter of the hard-right Tory Monday Club) was pictured embracing a former supporter of the UK National Front called Matthew Collins who now belongs to a fake left organisation called Hope not Hate that actually makes a good living bullying political opponents.

Funny old world.

Bullyboys of the world united?