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True Finns fightback continues

Finns Party leaders party after election fightback!

With the EU elections only a matter of weeks away, one of the most intriguing contests is taking place in Finland.

And the nationalist Finns Party is now Finland’s most popular political party, according to the first opinion poll published since last month’s parliamentary election. That election saw the opposition Social Democrats narrowly top the vote toppling the centre-right coalition government as a result leading to fraught parliamentary talks in order to establish a new coalition government.

The Finns Party, led by Jussi Halla-aho (pictured above) which finished a very close second, are now on 18.7% compared to 16.9% for the Social Democrats, who have slipped back into third place, according to this latest opinion poll.

The Finns Party which describes itself as a ‘centre-left workers party’ (despite the liberal media’s ‘far-right’ tag) takes a strong line on militant Islam and mass immigration. A similar dynamic that is forcing the old established centre-left parties to change their position on such matters not just in Finland, but Denmark as well.

The Finns Party also produce some eye-catching publicity material, such as this short video below.

Pissed off in Finland? Then kick them in the ballots!