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Generation Ireland

Meeting the Zuck!

At the weekend, Generation Identity activists in Dublin, Ireland, held a protest outside Facebook HQ in the city.

The protest highlighted Facebook’s increasing clampdown on patriotic dissident voices on its platform as well as the tax dodging exploits of Mark Zuckerberg and his company.

Zapping the Zuck in Dublin!

Moreover, Facebook is facing increasing calls to be broken up due to its increasing dominance of social media, which the odious Nick Clegg, now working as Zuckerberg’s willing globalist lackey, is doing his best to prevent.

Some believe that there is no longer any space for patriotic dissident voices on any kind of social media that is popular across the wider population.

That may be increasingly true, but Generation Identity believe that the New Unhappy Lords of Big Tech should be given a hard time over their increasing censorship.

Tug of War in Dublin with the Zuck!