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A milkshake too far

…as Nigel Farage is attacked in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has been attacked with a milkshake whilst meeting voters in the city before the EU elections later this week.

Labour Party supporter Paul Crowther has been arrested following the incident.

Pro-Labour meme shared by attacker on social media

The incident left the Brexit Party MEP covered in milkshake and visibly angry as he was led away by his security team.

This latest attack follows similar attacks on ‘Tommy Robinson’ and the controversial UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin by Muslim and far-left activists during the EU election campaign.

Those particular attacks have been applauded by mainstream media journalists and establishment politicians. This latest attack on a party leader, who is riding high in the opinion polls following the Brexit betrayal, has been inspired by that earlier support from the media and establishment.

A pro-Brexit campaigner was jailed for twenty eight days after throwing an egg at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently.

If this puerile milkshake throwing mania is to be nipped in the bud (before it escalates into something much more serious and someone is seriously hurt or worse) then the pro-EU Labour-supporting Newcastle culprit, already facing a massive backlash on social media, should face the same legal sanction by the courts as the Corbyn egg thrower.

The Newcastle milkshake martyr is already looking forward to meeting new people in the next few days and months.

Seemingly, the milkshake martyr has taken part in far-left demonstrations in Newcastle recently, though without his trusty milkshake at hand.

Fake left rentamob in Newcastle city centre (milkshake martyr circled)