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The roots of radicalism

1979 NF manifesto

Amusingly, the contemporary British body politic now staggers from one crisis to another thanks to the 2016 Brexit revolution and the inability of the liberal bourgeois Westminster political class to deal with the consequences of that decision.

At this point, it is timely to acknowledge that another political tradition sits waiting in the wings, albeit fragmented and somewhat diminished compared to previous decades, but still potent, popular and intellectually powerful as the 2016 Brexit vote proved.

Although repeatedly pushed to the sidelines, the nationalist tradition has an important ideological contribution to make to the national discourse that is both genuinely radical and unashamedly patriotic. Only far-left zealots would deny that both are necessary political attributes. And both genuine radicalism and real patriotism are widely regarded as beyond the pale by the liberal political class and their media proxies in these confused times.

Thankfully, despite various political setbacks over the years, that intellectual tradition is still intact and alive today, so a digital reminder of that tradition is to be welcomed.

1983 NF manifesto

Arguably, that tradition springs from the ferment of ideas within the old National Front, established in 1967 (and still going) which later inspired idealists attracted to the breakaway British National Party, established in 1982 (and also still going) though both remain on organisational life support due to those aforementioned setbacks.

Those ideas are now being revived as an educational resource so that future idealists and activists can benefit from that accumulated political wisdom.

National Front march in London during its seventies heyday

The website (which is a work in progress) is called ‘Roots of Radicalism‘ and seeks to gather together important tracts and publications from the late sixties onwards that best represent modern ethno-nationalist thought across the British Isles.

Already articles from the eighties NF magazines ‘Nationalism Today‘ and ‘Vanguard’ have been added, along with seminal booklets from the same period.

Jeremy Corbyn was a matter of interest and this article is one of many reproduced for the digital age

Later, articles from ‘Spearhead’, which served both the NF and BNP from the late sixties onwards will be added, along with articles from ‘Heritage & Destiny’ (which is still going strong) and other non-party nationalist magazines, most now defunct.

Heritage & Destiny magazine

From these writings it is hoped that contemporary idealists and activists, perhaps reading them for the first time, will gain political succour and inspiration and avoid the pitfalls of faulty analysis and false gods that has plagued previous efforts to build a self-sustaining nationalist movement across this land.

Radical patriotism from the BNP in Sunderland during the mid-nineties