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‘Anti-fascism’ is the new Socialism of Fools

Spot the ‘anti-fascist’ socialist fool!

The dead German socialist August Bebel (who wasn’t Jewish) is credited with popularising the well-worn political cliche ‘anti-semitism is the socialism of fools’ during the late nineteenth century. It was later stolen by the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (better known as Lenin) who also wasn’t Jewish, but who had an anti-Jewish (Jewish) grandfather, apparently!

With the announcement of an investigation into ‘anti-semtism’ within Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party by the ‘diversity’ enforcement government quango known as the Equality and Human Rights Commission, fronted by David Isaac (who happens to be Jewish) that old slogan will be more than likely be trotted out by those who still cling to the clapped out state-sponsored multicultist ideology favoured by the liberal media and political cartel.

It will be directed at those (on both the radical right and left) who think something fishy has been going on for decades with regards Organised Jewry’s well-documented support for that ideology and those groups that enforce it.

And that enforcement ideology is known today as ‘anti-fascism’ – the new ‘socialism of fools’.

And the latest target of that new ‘socialism of fools’ is Morrissey, the former frontman of the iconic eighties guitar band (now disbanded) called the Smiths.

Not only are some fools wanting his new record banned, but they are comparing him to Oswald Mosely (the leader of the British Union Of Fascists) who was well known for his pithy comments about the role of Organised Jewry in British politics during his long political career.

Morrissey hasn’t said a word about Jewish people, but Billy Bragg (a well known advocate of ‘anti-fascism’ – the new socialism of fools) still sees fit to attack him thus:

“They were the greatest guitar band of my generation, with the greatest guitar player and the greatest lyricist. I think Johnny (Marr) was a constraint on him…back then he had to fit into the idea of the Smiths. But now he’s betraying those fans, betraying his legacy and empowering the very people Smith fans were brought into being to oppose. He’s become the Oswald Mosely of pop.”

Billy Bragg and an Office Foy (sic)

Billy Bragg, whose musical talent isn’t worth a Morrissey toe nail clipping, continues “whenever a Smiths track comes on I flip on…I just can’t…” complaining that because of Morrissey’s defence of free speech and support of a legal political party called For Britain, he thinks the previous work of Morrissey and his band has been “tainted”. Doh.

Morrissey lives overseas now (given his disillusionment with mass immigration and UK state-sponsored multiculturalism) but still regularly tours live, though he doesn’t appear to have any concerts lined up in the UK this year as yet.

Instead, he is appearing in the United States where the ‘anti-fascist’ socialism of fools is also prevalent (and is even supported by the journalist class, apparently.)

As a result, can we expect an ‘Antifa’ riot outside a Morrissey gig very soon?

Batman, Lenin and McCartney?

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