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YouTube joins social media free speech purge

A YouTube purge of dissident videos and channels is underway!

Already a number of popular channels have been banned and hundreds of videos deleted, while other channels have been ‘demonetised’ so that the maker of the videos (some of them enormously popular and lucrative) will not be financially rewarded thanks to the advertising revenue such channels create.

So far the channels known as ‘YouKipper’, ‘The Great Order’, and ‘Cultured Thug’ among many others have been banned, according to the Guardian for promoting ‘Nazi’ views.

Many others have been ‘demonetised’ including: ‘Martin Sellner’; James Allsop’, ‘Steven Crowder’. ‘Red Ice TV’. ‘Sinatra Says’ and ‘Iconoclast’.

Other channels have had videos deleted including: ‘Gavin McInnes; ‘Milo’; ‘Black Pigeon Speaks’; ‘Drunken Peasants’; ‘Press For Truth” and ‘Count Dankula’,

YouTube, which is owned by Google, had previously resisted demands for a wider purge of dissident channels even though it has banned a number of channels in the past, including ‘InfoWars’.

Apparently, YouTube will now seek to promote TV news channels and mainstream media personalities promoting the globalist worldview instead of allowing the DIY dissident media which has proved so popular to continue.

This could provoke an exodus to rival video-sharing channels such as BitChute and Vimeo, among others.

Or perhaps YouTube would just prefer we go back to the good old days when those behind the mainstream media just shut the whole thing down when they thought nobody was watching!

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