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Generation England

At the weekend, activists from Generation Identity England hit the streets of Dudley, the capital of the Black Country, six miles south east of Wolverhampton and just over ten miles from Birmingham, England’s second city, in the West Midlands.

England’s premier nationalist youth movement on the streets in Dudley in the West Midlands!

Generation Identity issued a statement after the event: “It’s our duty as Identitarians to let the public know we’re out there fighting against the ‘Great Replacement’ Islamisation and Globalisation – the things that effect areas like these the most.”

Generation Identity flying the flag in Dudley!

Generation Identity is shaping up to be the country’s most effective nationalist youth movement avoiding the pitfalls of previous efforts and attracting the next generation of nationalist activists.

As a result, via social media, the usual fake left ‘anti-fascist’ suspects were making threats during the activity in Dudley. Even though the area has a large resident Muslim population they turned out to be the usual empty threats made by the usual white middle class self-haters.

Even the GI organiser’s dog gets involved in street activity!

As the liberal media continues to aggressively push the ‘diversity is strength’ multicult agenda, particularly at our young people, it is heartening to know that there is a growing resistance movement among the main targets of that pernicious propaganda.

And as every English nationalist and patriot already knows, England is diverse enough already without the need for further so-called ‘diversity’!

England’s real diversity is adequately displayed by its historic county flags!