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Follow the Money

The UK Home Office is now funding fake left ‘anti-fascist’ groups to spy on political dissidents.

Excellent work by a dedicated civic-minded activist in the north east of England has revealed that the Labour council-funded Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association (TWAFA) has received (Tory-controlled) Home Office funding.

Formed in 1983, TWAFA is a partisan political group fronted by a Newcastle Labour councillor with the support of Labour activists and councillors across Tyne & Wear (albeit some more up front than others!)

Up front TWAFA “Marxist” and Newcastle Labour councillor Nigel Todd (second from left) with (we hope) non-extremist comrades

In a letter dated 15 May 2019, P Brown on behalf of the Counter Extremism Unit of the UK Home Office wrote in response to a Freedom of Information request: “I can confirm that TWAFA was awarded a value of £5,856.00 following their successful application to the Building a Stronger Britain Together (BSBT) grant funding round. This application was made in February 2018 and awarded by the BSBT team, which sits within the Counter Extremism Unit in the Home Office. To date TWAFA have received £3,643.50 of this fund. In addition, TWAFA were awarded in-kind communications support through the BSBT programme in July 2017.”

Despite refusing to reveal the full extent of the Home Office’s dealings with TWAFA, the Home Office letter continues: “The Home Office has also had face-to-face and other verbal communications with TWAFA during visits and events. Our delivery partner UK Community Foundations have also provided written correspondence to TWAFA directly in relation to their grant, but we consider these to be outside of the scope of your request.”

TWAFA’s anarchist ‘anti-fascist’ friends (or Home Office targets?)

The Home Office FOI Act request letter continues: “You have asked for any training delivered by the Home Office to TWAFA. I can confirm that we cannot find any information of training delivered directly by the Home Office. TWAFA did, however, receive funding from BSBT’s delivery partner M&C Saatchi. This included crisis communication, social media, PR and maximising online audience training sessions.”

Previously, TWAFA has been funded by Northumbria Police and still receives funding from Labour-controlled councils in Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland, despite losing cash grants from North Tyneside and South Tyneside a few years ago.

TWAFA has close links to another state-funded far-left-led charity called Show Racism the Red Card which works in schools across the country. It also has very close links to the pro-Labour Hope not Hate campaign group which has also received funding from the UK Home Office to monitor “extremism”.

How revealing that a network of fake left ‘anti-fascist’ charities and partisan political groups receives funding from the British state to combat ‘extremism’ which means anyone outside the multicultural Westminster political cartel (usually dubbed ‘far-right’ by the controlled media) including non-domesticated Muslims and (presumably) even sympathetic far-left activists.

The UK secret state works in mysterious ways!

All together now: “We’d like to teach the world to sing…..”

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