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Nigel Farage for Tory PM

Only one problem – he’s not even a member of the Tory party!

Nor is he even an MP, Tory or otherwise. Yet almost half of Tory members would be happy to see the Brexit Party’s leader head the Tories in the future.

A YouGov poll of 900 card-carrying Conservative Party members, who are about to choose the new prime minister, reveals that nearly half of them don’t have any confidence in the hopeful Tory politicians currently jostling for the position.

And the same proportion believes failing to take Britain out of the EU would damage the Tories so badly that they might never get into government again.

Apparently, all the remaining Tory leadership contenders want to leave the EU, albeit some more quickly than others.

Frontrunner Boris Johnson says it has to happen by October the 31st, the latest extension deadline, whilst other contenders such as Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt are happy to see another extension, much to everyone’s dismay. The liberal media’s favourite leadership contender Rory Stewart seems to want a neverending Brexit, which means he will sink like a proverbial stone should he make the final ballot of the Tory membership later this month.

Seemingly, Stewart has been exposed as an MI6 spy, according to partisan media reports, following his time in the Middle East as a ‘diplomat’ before he became a Tory MP.

Although this won’t necessarily damage his prospects with the Tory faithful, others see something more sinister behind his campaign to become prime minister.

The original founder of UKIP eye-spies a dastardly secret service plot!

In another move that could split the Tory party, Nigel Farage has offered an electoral pact at the next general election if Boris Johnson delivers a no deal Brexit.

It remains to be seen whether Johnson’s handlers (secret state or otherwise) allow him to feed the hand that bites (the Tory party) when he (probably) becomes the next prime minister. It would be seen as sign of Tory weakness and desperation following the ongoing Brexit “shambles”.

The late Dutch researcher into counter intelligence matters Frans Kluiters wrote in the nineties: “British politics consists in large part of informal networks, advice proffered by old friends, school and university chums, exchanged at dinner or in bars and only rarely recorded on a document.”

That would explain a lot of the Brexit shenanigans – past, present and, more than likely, to come!

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