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Show Revolution The Red Card

Labour’s Northumbria PCC candidate Kim McGuiness backs far-left charity

Northumbria Police is in crisis. Badly-led, hidebound by political correctness and struggling to perform even basic investigatory tasks at times as the force struggles to avoid collapse.

And next month, after the departure of the force’s elected Police and Crime Commissioner (the failed Labour politician Vera Baird) to a lucrative new job in London (appointed by the departing Theresa May, apparently), a by-election has been called to replace her.

The witless Liberal Democrat candidate wants to abolish the position, whilst (as usual) the Tories offer no hope. The only candidate who can derail another Labour gravy train departing from the station is a plucky Independent councillor from Berwick -upon-Tweed, Georgina Hill (a Brexit supporter) who, unlike the others, at least has a background in the law and legal matters.

Moreover, the Labour candidate’s endorsement of a far-left charity (saved by David Cameron’s Tory/Lib Dem coalition government from financial oblivion a few years back) could prove to be the catalyst of what is shaping up to be a dismal campaign culminating in a very low turnout and inevitable Labour victory.

Tory support for far-left charity detailed in local newspaper report from 2012

The far-left charity in question (with the emotive name, Show Racism the Red Card, which uses football to shame young children into supporting multiculturalism) is headed by a former(?) far-left activist called Ged Grebby, who was an open supporter of the Militant Tendency (aka the Revolutionary Socialist League) before falling foul of the Labour Party back in the nineties, along with his wider organisation, which was eventually expelled.

Militant machinations back in the early nineties

Now, despite Grebby’s ‘revolutionary’ past, his charity not only receives lucrative funding from the state’s coffers, but also enjoys the endorsement of a Labour candidate standing for an important public position involving the public accountability of a British police force, already reeling thanks to compulsory political correctness,

Another revolution betrayed (or just merely subsidised by the long-suffering British tax payer?)

Black and White United (even though one of them played for Sunderland)?