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Labour’s New Jerusalem

Labour supporters have clashed in Newcastle over hostility to Israel!

Civil war has broken out (again!) within the UK Labour Party concerning the party’s attitude to ‘anti-semitism’.

‘Anti-semitism’ (which means antagonism to Jewish people because of their origin or faith) is the new code word to describe antagonism towards Israel now.

Since the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and most of his supporters refuse to get on bended knee towards Israel ongoing accusations of rampant ‘anti-semitism’ within the party have reached fever pitch amplified by the liberal media, which, by and large, is also very pro-Israel.

An obscure Labour MP ( a vehement Corbyn supporter called Chris Williamson) has recently been reinstated after he was suspended for saying the party had been “too apologetic” in its response to allegations of ‘anti-semitism’. He also said he celebrated when a fellow Labour MP, Joan Ryan, who was also chairwoman of the Labour Friends of Israel support group within the party, left to join the flop Change UK party earlier this year.

Over 100 Labour MPs, peers and leading supporters, urged on by Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, have signed a letter demanding the decision to restore the Labour MP’s position be reversed.

Bizarrely, Keith Vaz, the scandal-ridden Asian Labour MP, (a nominal Catholic, apparently) who retains an enormous amount of influence within the party, has written to the party’s general secretary (who is responsible for wider party discipline) asking for a review of the decision despite backing it previously at an earlier meeting.

The ludicrous Jewish Labour MP, Margaret Hodge, told the media: “This shows that the complaints process is a complete sham. This is not zero-tolerance. This is letting your political pals back in and turning a blind eye to Jew-hate.”

Currently, the Labour party faces an investigation by the (Jewish-led) Equality and Human Rights Commission ( a government quango established to enforce ‘diversity’; and ‘tolerance’) over alleged “institutional anti-semitism”.

The recent hysteria over ‘anti-semitism’ within the Labour party always comes back to one thing: whether you are for or against Israel.

Some people within the Labour party (particularly those close to the liberal establishment and media) seem to think that any criticism of Israel is ‘anti-semitism’. While most Corbyn supporters, including the Jewish ones, do not believe it is ‘anti-semitic’ at all to condemn Israel (a self-declared ethno-state in the volatile Middle East.)

In the past, the UK has been dragged into conflict because of this high-level support for Israel.

Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters seem to want to avoid future conflict in the Middle East (at the behest of Israel) whilst appeasing the wider Jewish community living in the UK and retaining the UK Muslim bloc vote they lost during the Tony Blair years after the fateful decision to attack and invade Iraq in 2003.

It is a difficult balancing act which could easily destroy Labour’s chance of winning the next general election, much to the chagrin of Jeremy Corbyn’s most prominent Jewish supporter..

Labour supporters sucking up to Muslims in Newcastle