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Met attempt to infiltrate fake left ‘anti-fascists’ backfires on taxpayer

A Metropolitan Police attempt to infiltrate a fake left ‘anti-fascist’ demonstration against the English Defence League (EDL) in London back in 2013 has backfired thanks to a £700,00 payout to the protesters involved.

On the 7th of September 2013, the then EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ attempted to lead a rally in east London.

Predictably, the fake left ‘anti-fascist’ protesters arrived and were promptly ‘kettled’ by the police in an attempt to prevent disorder.

In a recent legal settlement, the Met has agreed to pay the 153 protesters involved toughly £5,000 each, which works out at over £700,000 of public money down the drain.

The fake left ‘anti-fascists’ were held for fourteen hours and only one was subsequently prosecuted for breaking the conditions imposed on the anti-EDL protest. Moreover, two undercover officers were among the protesters, but their role was not discovered by their fellow protesters and potentially they remain in the so-called ‘anti-fascist’ movement.

One of those involved in the case said: Their role was surveillance on a new and emerging anti-fascist movement – its size, allies and prominent members.”

Seemingly, since then, the UK Home Office and discovered a much easier and cheaper way of doing this sort of work.

Just directly fund the fake left ‘anti-fascist’ groups instead!

Fake left ‘anti-fascists’ looking for a police ‘kettle’ in Newcastle.