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GAB ensures free speech platform remains online

An interesting development from the team over at GAB will help to ensure identitarians, ethno-nationalists and genuine dissenters the world over will continue to be heard. Civil Liberty readers who have not yet done so should make themselves aware and use GAB. It’s a social media platform with very few limits – unlike Twitter users won’t be censored, banned and “de-platformed” for making legitimate and lawful comments. It is a powerful medium for keeping in touch with like-minded people around the planet yet welcomes all users regardless of who they are and what they think; it is true social media equality which the likes of Facebook and Twitter once held as core values before they started applying pressure on those expressing dissenting views on matters of politics and society.


Because of these policies GAB has been falsely labelled as a platform for “racists”, “Nazis” and “haters” by the fake left who are unable to construct serious arguments but shut down debates using those tired old epithets. It has also been the target of hacking attacks aimed at bringing down the servers which host GAB material.

Traditionally a web site is hosted on a powerful computer (server) located in a data centre somewhere in the world, usually the USA or Europe. This makes the content vulnerable if a government agency forces the company hosting to take the web site offline or is subject to a cyber attack. Having the site cloned across more than one server in different jurisdictions make a total closedown of the site much more unlikely but increases the costs and operational complexity.  To prevent this platform of free speech being forced offline by far left activists or State operators the GAB team have created a system which will seriously bolster its defences against future cyber attacks.

In essence the system being deployed means the GAB platform will be replicated across potentially tens of thousands of servers all over the world on which will be stored all the content GAB users have created and shared. A GAB subscriber/account holder can replicate the entire platform and share GAB content on a server in their host State or country. He or she decides which content to share from the original “parent” server and then creates and shares new content from their own server.

Reducing the risk

This is a clever way of stopping or rather reducing risk of complete global blackout if one of the big corporate telecom giants who control large chunks of the internet pull the plug on GAB servers. So e.g. if the SLPC get a court order to shut down a particular server in Florida because it is hosting or being used to broadcast “hate speech” (!) that will have negligible impact because content and traffic will still be served from data centres in the rest of the US, UK, Germany and far more difficult servers (to shut down) in non-aligned countries such as India, Singapore, Brazil etc etc.

The irony here being that the future of white ethno-nationalism could be enhanced by our technology which we have built here in the first world and exported to developing countries which haven’t the same legal structures and interests in censoring material which the effete left claim is hate speech, homophobic, racist, sexist and other “ists” they are constantly inventing.

Open source foundations

The other point to note is that the GAB platform is sensibly built on what is called open source code. It was not created using any of the operating systems controlled by mega-corp such as Microsoft, Apple and Google. It is genuinely free to use, free to share and more importantly constantly peer-reviewed by an army made up of tens of thousands of coders across the planet and constantly being developed and tweaked.

If a group of hypocritical self-styled social justice warriors in Germany wanted to create some malicious code in the underlying software which they planned to bring down the GAB servers, that code could not be released until it had been thoroughly peer reviewed. It is inevitable that professional coders somewhere without a political axe to grind would spot the flaws purely from a programming point of view and alert the coding community. The malicious code would never make it into the official releases for software updating.

This a profound development at a crucial time when the world over is seeing a populist challenge to the forces of globalism, multiculturalism and decadent liberalism. The technology is there to ensure that challenge continues to gain strength and speed. We just have to take the time and effort to use it wisely.