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Meet the EU boss, same as the old boss

Meet Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber!

Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s defence minister, has been nominated to be the next European Commission president, replacing Jean-Claude Juncker in November later this year.

What state of readiness does she leave Germany’s armed forces in?

Last year, a report for the German Bundestag found that the following weapons were ready for use:

105 out of 244 Leopard battle tanks.

39 out of 128 Eurofighters.

26 out of 93 Tornado jets.

16 out of 72 CH-53 transport helicopters.

3 out of 15 A400M transport aircraft.

0 out of 6 submarines.

Unsurprisingly, this year the report has been classified as top secret!

Despite her nomination, seemingly in another Merkel/Macron backroom stitch-up, her nomination still needs to be ratified by the newly-elected EU Parliament, along with the other nominees for the top EU jobs, none of whom are much better.

Bizarrely, despite Merkel pushing her forward as the compromise candidate, Germany actually abstained when it came to the nomination process in a lame effort to appear magnanimous.

However, a leading German newspaper stated the failed defence minister “stands for a moderate Merkel-CDU”, which simply means more EU federalism and ethnic self-masochism inflicted on the native peoples of Europe.

Merkel/Macron/Soros:”Plots:the real ones and the false ones.”