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“Building a more diverse society”

It has been revealed that the Bank of England supremo Mark Carney is a big fan of black ‘grime’ rapper Stormzy.

He even attended Glastonbury last weekend telling the liberal media: “I very much enjoyed Stormzy. He puts his money where his mouth is in terms of building a more diverse society.”

There’s lots of black in the Union Jack these days!

Some people (notably Morrissey) have argued that the British establishment is very keen to use Stormzy to promote multiculturalism. After the Brexit vote (principally a backlash against EU open borders and the migration crisis) a major effort is underway to encourage public support for even more ‘diversity’ (aka cheap labour via mass immigration from the Third World) which the British public has always stubbornly opposed over the years.

The comment by Mark Carney (who holds British, Irish and Canadian citizenship and probably regards himself as a true ‘citizen of the world’ who can quickly scarper overseas if things turn nasty in the UK) seems to indicate that the likes of Morrissey may have a point. Like one of his predecessors at the Bank of England, Carney sees ongoing mass immigration as a means of containing inflationary pressure whilst growing the UK economy at the same time thanks to the burgeoning population, regardless of the social and environmental cost involved..

Despite plaudits from the liberal media and globalist establishment figures following his Glastonbury propaganda performance, Stormzy still felt the need to shout “Fuck the government and fuck Boris” at the crowd in order to bolster his anti-establishment credentials.

Nobody should be fooled by Carney’s enthusiasm for Stormzy or Stormzy’s hostility to the current Tory government, particularly since Boris Johnson (more than likely the next Tory prime minister) has promised an amnesty for illegal immigrants (thought to number over one million people) currently living in the UK.

And what do global population trends tell us about the much vaunted open borders ‘diversity’ promoted by the likes of Mark Carney, et al?

Building ‘diversity’ across the globe!