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Cage-Rattler Caged

The free speech activist ‘Tommy Robinson’ was jailed for nine months at the Old Bailey in London yesterday.

Following the verdict, a number of his supporters clashed with riot police outside the court and later confronted liberal journalists after they marched to the Houses of Parliament.

‘Tommy Robinson’ told the court he did not believe he was breaching reporting restrictions when he broadcast video on social media of Muslim defendants in a sexual grooming trial while the jurors were considering their verdict.

A reporting restriction was put in place that postponed the publication of any details of the case until the end of a series of linked trials involving twenty nine defendants, despite previous reporting of the case by the media.

After the footage from outside Leeds crown court was shared on social media on the 25th of May last year, ‘Tommy Robinson’ was promptly arrested by police and jailed for thirteen months in relation to the broadcast. He was freed after serving two months in prison when the contempt ruling was overturned by the court of appeal. The case was referred back to the Tory attorney general, a loudmouth called Geoffrey Cox, who announced in March this year it was in the “public interest” to bring fresh proceedings against him.

‘Tommy Robinson’ told the court: “I didn’t talk about the first trial, I didn’t report on the proceedings – I simply reported public information.” He also said he believed images of defendants accused of such crimes should be made public, and said: “My total purpose is to raise awareness of these issues.”

Judge Dame Victoria Sharp told him the time he previously spent in prison for broadcasting footage of members of the Muslim sex gang during their trial in Leeds in 2018 would be taken into account, along with the three months for an earlier contempt committed at Canterbury crown court in 2017, reducing his sentence to nineteen weeks – of which he will serve half, probably in solitary confinement.

For decades, the media, police and governing authorities covered up the activities of Muslim grooming gangs across the UK, hence the righteous anger of ‘Tommy Robinson’ and his supporters.

On his Telegram account ( a less politically correct form of social media) ‘Tommy Robinson’, who has been banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because of his political activities, said: “Sentenced to prison for journalism. Time for protests to start, this is an absolute joke! Protest outside whatever prison I’m in on Saturday please.”

Muslim Grooming Threat Covered up for Decades!