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Farewell Doc

RIP Doc!

The former British National Party Press Officer and regular Civil Liberty contributor, Dr Stuart Russell, has passed away aged 75 after a longstanding illness.

Known as ‘Doc’ by all those who knew him in the BNP, he used the party name ‘Phil Edwards’ in his dealings with the media.

A family man, an accomplished classical pianist, trained chemist and lover of real ale and Charles Dickens, Doc was previously involved with the Conservative party. He was very nearly elected to Nottingham City Council for the Tories before joining the BNP under John Tyndall in the mid-nineties disillusioned with the Tory party’s stance on mass immigration and multiculturalism under John Major.

Later, despite remaining on friendly terms with John Tyndall, he became the National Press Officer for the BNP under the leadership of Nick Griffin, who became party leader in 1999, and was the first voice an increasing number of local and national journalists heard when asking for a comment as the party started to grow and achieve election success from 2002 onwards.

In 2002, he also brokered with the then BBC journalist Rod Liddle, who still writes columns for various newspapers and magazines, a debate between BNP leader Nick Griffin and Abu Hamza, a notorious Muslim cleric, at Cambridge University in front of various liberal media bigshots.

Doc was a regular at the party’s Red, White and Blue summer festival where he would make speeches and play piano. He also released a CD recording of his piano playing which many people who knew him will now be digging out and playing once again in his memory.

Following the collapse of the BNP after the 2010 general election, Doc continued to attend various conferences and meetings organised by the defunct magazine ‘Right Now’ and the ongoing Traditional Britain Group, mainly in London.

A staunch believer in Britain for the British, who also appreciated classical European culture, Doc made a valiant stand over the decades on behalf of his people and country against the globalists and multicultists who seek to traduce and ultimately destroy them all.

Farewell Doc and rest in peace!