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Generation Europe

After successful activism in Scotland, which generated some media interest due to condemnation by a Scottish Labour MP, UK Generation Identity activists travelled to Germany to attend a series of protests and events organised by the German branch of the movement.

Generation Identity UK in sunny Germany this weekend

The leader of Generation Identity UK, Ben Jones, said: “It was a great day yesterday with fellow GI activists from across the continent at the “Sommerfest” in Halle.”

He echoed the theme of the event, which also attracted far-left protests, as such:

“Homeland, Freedom, Tradition”

Unlike the far-left protesters who claim to have no homeland and have no respect for genuine freedom or tradition.

“We are not a people, we are a class” say middle class anarchists in Germany

Generation Identity is a growing movement in Germany attracting increasing numbers of German youngsters concerned about madcap Merkel’s migrant invasion and the Islamisation of Europe as a whole.

Recent Generation Identity protest in Berlin