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Prince calls racism “unconscious bias”

The British husband of an American entertainer, Prince Harry, has said that people expressing “racist” behaviour do so because of their upbringing, but may not know they are acting in a racist way because they “don’t understand” their “unconscious biases”.

The royal made the politically charged comments whilst he was interviewing anthropologist Dr Jane Goodall for September’s issue of Vogue magazine, which is being guest-edited by his wife, American former TV actress Meghan Markle.

Speaking of the “stigma” which is “handed down from generation to generation”, Prince Harry said that “unconscious bias” is “something which so many people don’t understand”.

Prince Harry continued: “Despite the fact that if you go up to someone and say, ‘What you’ve just said, or the way that you’ve behaved, is racist’ – they’ll turn around and say, ‘I’m not a racist.’

“’I’m not saying that you’re a racist, I’m just saying that your unconscious bias is proving that, because of the way that you’ve been brought up, the environment you’ve been brought up in, suggests that you have this point of view – unconscious point of view – where naturally you will look at someone in a different way.’”

The Duke continued that after confronting the person with “racist” behaviour, they will be awakened to their unconscious bias, “And that is the point at which people start to have to understand.”

Some commentators and royal fans slammed Harry after reading the article criticising his ‘track record’ and asking him to ‘stop lecturing people’. 

Royal writer Phil Dampier wrote: ‘With his track record #PrinceHarry is not the best person to be lecturing the rest of us about racism or ‘unconscious bias!’ Time to put a sock in it and get out and do some down to earth Royal jobs.’ 

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