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Far left candidate arrested after Danish explosion

The damaged tax office in Copenhagen
The damaged tax office in Copenhagen

The story of an explosion at a Copenhagen tax office hasn’t been headline news but at least the BBC did report on the attack.

What the BBC has failed to inform its readers and viewers is that Danish Police have successfully arrested is a 22 year old from Sweden and are looking for another male from Sweden. This unnamed 23 year old fugitive from Malmo has stood as a candidate for the socialist Vänsterpartiet. (Left Party).

The Party advocates an open borders immigration policy and was born out of the Communist Party.

The August 6th bombing of the Tax Board office in Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen inflicted significant damage to the front of the building. Luckily, only one person was injured by the explosion.

Just days after, a police station in Copenhagen was rocked by a second explosion. So far, investigators say that there’s no indication that the two explosions are related.

On August 10th, an explosion in Landskrona, Sweden caused City Hall’s windows to shattered and inflicted serious damage to a statue in front of the building.

No evidence indicates that this attack was related in any way to the blasts in Denmark.