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TWAFA exposed by anti-corruption whistleblowers

A blast from the past!
A blast from the past!

An Antifa-linked grouping that receives council and Home Office funding has been exposed by anti-corruption campaigners in the north east of England.

The Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association (TWAFA) has been campaigning against political rivals since 1983 and has received hundreds of thousands in public money over the decades from local councils and the police in order to thwart any electoral threat to the local Labour party gravy train.

In the past, it has campaigned quite openly despite falling foul of electoral law (see story below concerning the 2001 general election) but due to restrictions on political funding decided to establish front groups to do the dirty work from the 2004 EU elections when the BNP was expected to make gains. Over the years, TWAFA maintained a close working relationship with the communist Searchlight Organisation and after the 2011 split sided with the ‘right-wing’ Labour party front group Hope not Hate.


And among documents released after a Freedom of Information request around the same time as the above incident in Sunderland is confirmation that council officials knew exactly what they funding back then and continue to fund even now despite Tory government cuts.

Gateshead Council document concerning political funding of TWAFA

Let’s hope there are still some courageous campaigning journalists about (no laughing at the back!) who will read this report from Sunderland for Transparency concerning TWAFA ‘s dubious public funding and do the decent thing by exposing this scandal.