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Priti Vacant

And we don’t care!

There have been pretty (sic) useless government ministers over the years, but Priti Patel, a smug Tory carpetbagger of Gujarati-Indian heritage, is now in the running to be the worst of the lot after a couple of immigration disasters.

Sacked previously (after a dodgy visit to Israel) whilst fronting the ministry of international development for a mere four months, Patel is now Home Secretary after her equally useless predecessor Sajid Javid was promoted to Chancellor of the Exchequer in Boris Johnson’s new pro-Brexit government despite failing himself to get a grip of the English Channel migrant crisis at the turn of the year.

Around 270 people, including 40 children, have been picked up in the Channel during August alone, bringing the total for the year so far to 1,000, more than double last year’s number. Most of those rescued are Iraqi or Iranian, but increasing numbers of Afghans and Nigerians are also present.

More than sixty Third World migrants were picked up by the British authorities in the English Channel and on the south coast of England yesterday. One group of eight migrants landed in an inflatable boat on a beach near Dover, while the others in four further boats were intercepted at sea by the UK Border Force. A further thirteen migrants heading for England in makeshift boats were picked up and taken to the port of Calais by French coastguards.

UK Border Farce helping not hindering the migrant invasion of England

Last week, Priti Patel, who has already had to backtrack on the ending of EU freedom of movement by October the 31st due to legal difficulties, reached an agreement in Paris with Christopher Castaner, Macron’s interior minister, to increase British funding for efforts to “dismantle the criminal networks” in France sponsoring illegal immigration.

Whether this further British funding makes any difference to migrant numbers crossing the English Channel from France remains to be seen.

Who’s shafting whom?