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Anti-immigration AfD surges in former East Germany

Will former East German leader Erich Honecker have the last laugh?

The ruling ‘centre-right’ CDU and ‘centre left’ SPD both suffered serious reverses in regional elections in Saxony and Brandenburg which were both in the former East Germany.

Despite liberal media attempts to downplay their success and attempts by the election authorities in Germany to rig the election against the AfD, the nationalist party enjoyed their strongest results since being established in 2013 as an anti-Euro bailout movement.

in Saxony, the AfD finished just behind Angela Merkel’s CDU well in front of the neo-communist Linke.

The CDU topped the poll with 32.1% (-7.3%) with the AfD on 27.5% (+17.8%) with the Linke back in third place with 10.4% (-8.5%).

In Brandenburg, the old German Labour Party (SPD) topped the poll with 26.2% (-5.7%) with the AfD a close second on 23.5% (+11.3%) with the CDU back in third on 15.6% (-7.4%).

In both regions, the much-vaunted (and bizarrely pro-immigration) Greens made small gains but not enough to challenge the frontrunners following the declaration of the results.

Although the AfD will be frozen out by the liberal establishment parties, these stunning results will put further pressure on madcap Merkel, her designated successor and the rigged ruling coalition between the CDU and SPD n Berlin.

Watch this excellent summary of the results from the former East Germany below.

Ossis gonna Ossi!