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Clown World

Clown World is finally real!

The arcane world of internet memes can be confusing at times particularly when seemingly innocent characters become loaded with social and political meaning and intent.

First, it was a cartoon frog.

Then it was a clown.

Sometimes, the two are even combined.

But what does it means and why does it have so much resonance?

There are a number of explanations to be found for the image(s), but the basic message is that the political, cultural and social landscape of the Western world (basically North America, the UK and the Antipodes) has become so strange and ludicrous (thanks to ongoing mass immigration, multiculturalism and state-enforced political correctness) that it no longer resembles its white European origins or even deserves to be regarded as sane and worth saving.

Hence the term ‘Clown World’ to describe the morbid self-destruction increasingly around us happily promoted by the mainstream media and big global corporations (at least in the West, as the East has yet to acquire the racial and ethno-masochism so prevalent within the heartland of the Occident.)

One typical aspect of ‘Clown World’ is the outrage expressed (by the usual suspects) when white Europeans ‘black-up’ either as part of a traditional celebration or when attending a seemingly innocent fancy dress party.

In Holland, the ‘Black Pete’ Christmas festival is under assault and looks likely to be eventually curtailed following ‘anti-racist’ demonstrations recently even though the character himself is simply a chimney sweep who is helping Father Christmas deliver presents to children.

In North Yorkshire, England, a traditional folk festival has sparked a ‘race row’ after morris dancers blacked-up with some members of the audience (aka the usual suspects) calling for a ban on the age-old custom even though ‘black face’ is a local breed of sheep. A local worthy said: “I don’t care if it’s traditional – it’s culturally insensitive and not very progressive.”

Veteran folk singer Mike Harding, artistic director of Settle’s annual Folk Gathering, responded in a typically blunt manner: “It’s a big part of the folk heritage of England. The world’s gone PC mad!”

Despite the media blackout the English do have a rich culture
Despite the media blackout the English do have a rich culture, but black face is no longer PC!

While in North America (where much of this madcap political correctness originated) ‘Clown World’ has even begun to devour its own children.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who is facing a general election next month, whilst mired in a corruption scandal, has apologised for blacking-up at a fancy dress party at a private school where he was working as a teacher back in 2001. He has also admitted as a teenager dressing up in a similar manner and singing “Day O”, a West Indian song made famous by the black singer Harry Belafonte.

Trudeau said after the pictures of him blacked-up appeared in a magazine this week: “I shouldn’t have done it. I should have known better. It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognise it was something racist to do and I am deeply sorry.”

Don’t try this at school kids! Try a clown or a frog instead!!